Amusant cet article sur qui reprend certains des plus grands mythes véhiculés par Hollywood sur ce qu’il est possible de faire avec un ordinateur. Sont passés à la moulinette moqueuse: Die Hard 4, Opération Espadon, Traque sur Internet, WarGame et Independance Day

  1. You Can Blow Up Shit At Will – With Hacking
  2. Hacking Will Let You Steal Any Damned Thing You Want
  3. Your Personal and Social Life Can Be Permanently Dismantled By People Who Know Stuff About Computers
  4. A Computer Might Become Self-Aware At Any Moment
  5. Computers Can Talk to Goddamned UFOs

Après avoir expliqué la position scénaristique sur l’utilisation de l’informatique dans chacun des films, l’auteur explique pourquoi c’est ridicule et ce qu’il se passe dans la vraie vie.

Je vous invite à lire l’article dans sa totalité, ça mérite, mais en voici quelques morceaux soigneusement choisis.

A propos de Traque sur Internet:

In Real Life …
The hackers would first go right for her MySpace, filling it with tons of gay porn. Then, upon figuring out that her online banking password was “PASSWORD” they would “steal her identity” in the sense that they would use her credit card to buy tons of anime porn DVDs. The final act of this drama would be Bullock cancelling the card by filling out several forms while sighing in annoyance.

Also, we notice that Sandra Bullock’s character is portrayed as a hopeless loner. In the real world, a computer geek who was female and looked like Bullock would have approximately 375 male “friends” orbiting around her on a daily basis, staring hungrily each time she turned her back and always trying to surreptitiously smell her hair.

A propos d’Independence Day:

Why It’s Ridiculous:
This is difficult to wrap our minds around. The aliens in Independence Day were not only thousands of years ahead of us technologically, but also were an entirely different species. Therefore, Goldblum’s feat was the equivalent of colony of baboons in the Congo hacking into CitiBank using tree bark and clumps of their own feces.

Independance Day

But of course, there is exactly one reason why the aliens were defeated by a PowerBook in Independence Day: because Apple paid for it as part of the product placement. Yes, my friends, the entire plot culminated in an advertisement, and one you paid to see.

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