9 novembre 2013

How I Sell My Old iPhones

Shawn Blanc:

It’s likely that I’ll get about $500 for my iPhone 5 if I sell it on Craigslist or eBay. What helps is that, like all my previous iPhones, my iPhone 5 is in near-perfect condition.

In fact, nearly all of my gadgets are in quite good condition after years of use. I am very attentive and careful with my devices — the phone always goes in my left pocket with the screen facing in. I never put anything else in the same pocket as my phone, I never set my phone on a scratchy surface, and I rarely drop them.

I suppose there’s an element of luck that I’ve never had a catastrophic accident that ruined or busted my phone. But for 6 years running, I’ve always had a device that’s in near perfect condition after a year of regular use.

J’aurais pu écrire cet article, mot pour mot. Et j’ai vendu mon iPhone 5 pour 450€ sans même avoir besoin de passer une annonce, j’avais une liste d’attente d’acheteurs potentiels longue comme le bras.

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