19 mars 2013

Make it better

Patrick Rhone:

Steve Jobs, for instance, made computers better. Then, he made music buying better. Then he made music players better. Then he made phones better. Then he made computers better all over again. Of course, he did not do this alone. He created an entire company who’s sole collective commitment is, in my eyes at least, to methodically and relentlessly make things better.

Think of someone you admire. Perhaps someone you know or even someone famous. Think of what it is you admire most about them and I’d be willing to bet that it fits some version of, “They make X better”. They make your life better or your television better or your food better. You get the idea.

It’s not enough to change the world. Change it for the better. Put a dent in the universe once you can see clearly that the dent will make it better. And, when you leave, as we all will inevitably do, leave it better.

Drôle d’écho à mon précédent article Improving Reality.

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