7 janvier 2013


Julio Ojeda-Zapata, dans la 7ème édition de The Magazine:

I’m a passionate geek, and I like to convince others to try the new things I’ve found that are fantastic. I’m fired up by everything nerdy: the latest notebook computers and handhelds, the newest killer apps and social networks, and the coolest comic books and geek-themed toys.

These are interests meant to be shared. Nerds, by our nature, are not content to pursue such passions alone. We’re obsessed with getting others to grasp and embrace them. We know we’re in a niche, but we want that niche to grow.

Such pursuits needn’t be overtly techy or nerdy either, as my proselytizing for quenepas shows. They can be anything at all. A nerd who succeeds in converting the uninitiated to his or her way of thinking feels like a fucking Moses. A nerd who fails might slide into despondency. At least, that is how this nerd has felt on a handful of such quests (some triumphant, some failed) over the years.

C’est ce que j’essaye de faire sur ce blog, modestement. Ce que j’essaye de faire au quotidien avec mes proches. C’est aussi comme ça que je gagne ma vie. Transmettre ma passion pour la technologie. Et choisir le meilleur.

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