12 octobre 2014

Facebook’s DNA

Facebook développerait une application permettant à ses utilisateurs d’interagir de façon anonyme. Mouahaha !

Om Malik réagit sur son blog dans un article intitulé A Perception of Anonymity:

That headline around that news essentially made me choke on my morning tea. The combination of Facebook and anonymity is as awkward as the marriage of Michael Jackson and Lisa Presley — farcical, comic and an act undertaken for the express purpose of deceit. Anonymity and privacy are not part of Facebook’s DNA.


At the end of the day, Facebook is in the business of collecting as much data and information as possible about everyone. It is about knowing every minute detail about your daily activity.


Facebook, for now collects that data to inform its system to push advertising to us — on its own website, in apps and now elsewhere on the web. Tomorrow that data will be used to push commerce transactions in apps like Facebook Messenger and What’s app. Data is the atomic unit of Facebook’s plan. It cannot walk away from it and it cannot live and survive without it.

Rien à ajouter. Tout est dit.

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